Ralph Reed Reported No Longer Working For Channel One News

  It never made any sense.  Why would former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed work with a company like Channel One? The simple answer: a lot of money. But Channel One never got their money’s worth from the hapless Reed. Obligation has learned that Mr. Reed is saying he no longer does work for the controversial Channel One. Reed worked for Channel One from at least 1999 to this year. During his years as a paid consultant, he tried to get other conservatives to say positive things about the company.   He also tried to derail a U. S. Senate hearing on Channel One in 1999. He failed in that effort and in his efforts to get conservatives to support the idea of classroom commercials. His biggest failure came when the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in Reed’s home city of Atlanta, passed a stinging resolution condemning Channel One and urging schools to remove it from their classrooms. Reed was apparently unaware of the resolution until it was in the USAToday newspaper and other papers. His Channel One handlers must not have been happy with Reed’s inattentiveness to their client’s concerns. The next year, Reed attempted to undo the resolution with the Resolution Committee of the Southern Baptist … Continue reading Ralph Reed Reported No Longer Working For Channel One News