Alabama Child Advocacy Group to Present Latest Information on Channel One at State PTA Convention

April 16, 1997

Birmingham, AL – Obligation, Inc., a Birmingham-based child advocacy organization, has been invited by the Alabama PTA to present a workshop on the controversial in-school TV show, Channel One.

Jim Metrock, president, and Mrs. Pat Ellis, Channel One Project Director, will be conducting the session on Friday, April 18th. (Alabama State PTA Convention, Embassy Suites, in Embassy Two, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:15).

There will be an overview of the TV show and actual clips of the show will be shown. Obligation will make a public plea to Dr. Ed Richardson to look into the ethical and financial problems with school systems that have contracts with Channel One.

“The most controversial TV show in the country is not ‘Ellen.’ It is now, and has been for seven years, ‘Channel One’,” said Metrock. “Unfortunately, unlike ‘Ellen,’ school officials are forcing children to watch ‘Channel One’ and parents have no idea of the content.”

“We will show Channel One news stories and commercials that will surprise and possibly shock parents. Channel One’s Internet sites will also be discussed.”

On February 5, at Dr. Richardson’s quarterly superintendent’s meeting, both Mrs. Ellis and Mr. Metrock told all county and city superintendents that Channel One was “unethical and wrong” and was a “violation of the public trust.” <End>

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