Keith Kocinski lands on his feet… sorta.

April 15, 2019

Keith Kocinski lands at Quiz Date Live. Former Channel One alum no longer fronting ads for school kids.

From Jim Metrock:

I warned him, but he didn’t listen.

He stayed too long at Channel One, and as a result his career has taken a…  disappointing turn.

For years Keith Kocinski pretended to be a reporter on Channel One News.

Today he is a real game show host. He is a host of a dating-game, mobile phone app called Quiz Date Live.

Young people! This is what a career low point looks like.  (Hopefully Mr. Kocinski has a share of ownership. Is he that smart?)

Fortunately for American schoolchildren, Mr. Kocinski is no longer commercially exploiting them.  Making money off of a captive audience of school kids was fun and lucrative while it lasted.

Stitch this Channel One alum a clown suit; he earned it.

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