The embarrassing reality of “Ask An Anchor”

July 13, 2015

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From Jim Metrock:  

Keith Kocinski knows that show biz requires you to keep on smiling no matter what.

Mr. Kocinski is one of the remaining “reporters” at the struggling Channel One News youth marketing firm owned currently by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Mr. Kosinski recently filmed an  “Ask an Anchor” video which showed him answering questions from some of the “approximately five million” young people under contract to watch Channel One at their school.  

The only problem was there weren’t many young people who showed any interest in Mr. Kocinski.  As you see his Facebook page had less than 20 “likes” or “shares” or comments… total  When I took this screen shot the video of him answering questions had already been completed.  I wanted his social media responses to be as high as possible, and they were (19).  

This lack of interest would be hard on a regular reporter at a legitimate news organization, but Mr. Kocinski and his fellow Channel One “reporters” know their show is seen by very few students.  They know when school starts in August, Channel One will rack up yet another massive loss of schools.

When you watch the video, you’ll get a sense that many of the questions were probably made up by the producer.  One question was acknowledged to have come from Mr. Kocinski’s family, maybe more. 

It is my wish that someone as talented as Keith Kocinski would leave the controversial Channel One News show and find a legitimate job in journalism.  

Keith Kocinski’s Ask an Anchor video:


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