Skoollive is skooldead.

June 13, 2019

From Jim Metrock:

I have to admit, I never got excited about fighting Skoollive. The company wasn’t like BusRadio, ZapMe!, or Channel One News. I loved taking down those companies.

Skoollive was just a sad little business that never found a reason to exist.

Skoollive was a company that owned a bunch of seven-foot digital display units. They tried numerous ways to make money from them and nothing worked.

Like the other companies I mentioned, Skoollive wanted to commercially exploit schoolchildren, but they had nothing of real value to offer school districts. Skoollive remade themselves several times and… nothing.

The company appears to be stone cold dead.  Check out their website:

An easy way to tell if a company has given up is to check the copyright year at the bottom of their first page.  As I write this it is June 2019 and Skoollive still has “2018” on their website.  This is a minor thing, but any middle school student could make a website copyright year automatically update.

The company’s last Facebook post was eight months ago. For months there have been no news articles about schools signing up for Skoollive

Nobody is shocked by the disappearance of Skoollive. After all, any company that misspells “school” shouldn’t expect to be happily greeted by school teachers and administrators.


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