Why Channel One News was removed from schools (Oct. 2001): Sleazy MTV

September 8, 2018

Last week, Primedia’s CEO Tom Rogers proudly told a conference call for investment analysts that Channel One will continue their relationship with MTV. There will be another special on Channel One that will be coproducer by MTV. It will air before the end of the year.

Most parents understand the offensive content on MTV. MTV is routinely blocked by households that do not want their brand of vulgarity in their homes. Channel One executives, Jim Ritts and Jeff Ballabon, see nothing wrong with MTV coming into America’s classrooms. What Ritts and Ballabon want to do is to bypass parents and allow MTV to promote their brand to kids as young as 10-years-old during their school day.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, “Last year, I saw the MTV special on drugs on Channel One.  The idea that MTV, of all entities, was talking to our children about drugs was incredible. The MTV Channel promotes recklessness, whether it is dealing with drugs or sex. Their network drips with slime. MTV is just one more reason to remove Channel One from schools.”

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