Three villains

July 20, 2021

Channel One News has been gone since 2018. However, there is concern that some new youth marketing company will try to bring back the company or parts of it. That is why Obligation will release a video series documenting the abundant problems with Channel One. Before the videos start in August, let’s reintroduce a few of the more despicable Channel One promoters.

Dr. Paul Folkemer was once an educator, then in the mid-90s he decided to work with Channel One to help commercially exploit schoolchildren. He knew schoolchildren. He knew that Channel One had a fantastic money-making idea and he wanted a cut of it. He was a tireless promoter of Channel One’s targeted advertising.
Ralph Reed carried water for Channel One for years. Once I had a phone call with Reed. He tried to get me to join him working for Channel One. He said I could change Channel One from “the inside” better than fighting them from the outside. Reed thought everybody can be bought. I felt like I needed a shower after talking to this creep.
This is Bradley Byrne. He had a chance to end Channel One’s commercial assault on Alabama schoolchildren when he was on the Alabama State Board of Education. He was going to help Obligation, Inc. raise awareness of Channel One’s ads for junk food and off-color movies. At the last moment, he turned into a Channel One News supporter! How? Duh. Money. Primedia, Channel One’s parent company, made a campaign contribution to Bradley and he ended up doing Channel One’s biding for years.

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