Brutal ad on Channel One News: If You Wear Glasses, You’re Ugly. (Sept 2003)

February 18, 2019

These pictures are from the Acuvue2 commercials that are in heavy rotation on Channel One News in middle and high schools during September 2003.

Mo Money!

You can almost picture Jim “Sugar Daddy” Ritts stuffing the Johnson&Johnson cash in his pockets.

Is he the least bit concerned that it is cruel for Channel One to advertise contact lens to schoolchildren?

Nah, the ad revenue is just too good.

Johnson & Johnsodn is running a major ad campaign on Channel One News.

The goal of each ad is to make children feel uncomfortable with their eye glasses. You don’t have be ugly if your parents can afford Acuvue2 contact lens.

The ads always show two friends. One is a contact lens wearer, or rather a completely satisfied Acuvue2 customer. The other friend wears glasses and is unhappy with their looks.

The Acuvue2 friend explains how easy it is to get rid of your glasses. Contacts are Soooo easy to wear. The Acuvue2 friend tosses old four-eyes an Acuvue2 package. The ad shows the the young man getting an eye exam and how wonderful the lenses feel after they are first put in his eyes.

Schools across the country are wasting valuable time running these obnoxious ads. Johnson & Johnson and Channel One News both know that this captive audience of impressionable schoolchildren is perfect for this product. This is hard selling at its worst. No child in a school with Channel One News will feel good about wearing glasses.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, “Johnson and Johnson and Channel One News both know that many students are unsure of their looks. These companies play on the children’s fears. You can only imagine the peer pressure and the ridicule that happens in a classroom when these commercials come on.”

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