Grand County (UT) school uses taxpayer money to film Channel One promo film

March 7, 2018

VIDEO: Helen Knight Elementary School promo video for Channel One March 7 2018

From Jim Metrock: Each of these students should have been paid between $170 and $250 f0r their performance in a scripted commercial for Channel One.  Did Grand County school officials get informed, written consent from all parents before plastering their child’s face all over the Internet? I’m pretty sure the answer is, “Nah.”

Will Grand County attempt to get some type of payment for their student actors? I’m pretty sure we know the answer to that one.  It’s particularly rough seeing elementary school students being exploited by Channel One.  Let’s hope their are some school board members that get angry about Channel One’s claim on student time.

From Channel One’s transcript:

Students: We are Mrs. Fisher’s fifth-grade class at Arches National Park from HMK Elementary, Moab, Utah, and Channel One News starts right now!

Keith: Wow! Check out that view from Arches National Park in Utah. Really cool, right?

Azia: Yeah, and a big thanks to HMK Elementary for that scenic start to the show. I am Azia Celestino.

Keith: And I am Keith Kocinski.

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