Cleveland (TN) City Schools sell out their students AGAIN.

November 21, 2017

SkoolLive electronic billboards are placed in six Tennessee elementary schools. Cleveland City Schools

Cleveland City Schools’ new slogan: Target Marketing Every Child, Every Day!


Cleveland City Schools in Cleveland, TN have agreed to the placement of SkoolLive electronic billboards in all eight of its schools.

School administrators have surprisingly OKed the placement of SkoolLive’s notorious electronic billboards in all of the system’s elementary schools.

Cleveland City Schools have been a long-time supporter of Channel One’s commercial presence in its classrooms.  Ads for junk food and movies that normalized underaged drinking and drug use never caused Cleveland City schools to waiver from their use of Channel One News.

It is hoped that the new Director of Schools, Dr. Russell Dyer, will clean up this unseemly school advertising mess previous school officials have made.  Dr. Dyer has been on the job a little over a year.

Below: SkoolLive boasts of getting their advertising into these Tennessee elementary schools.



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