Demopolis Middle gets a “C” on report card, but has time to watch Channel One

February 20, 2018

Ms. Hall’s sixth-grade class get national exposure on Channel One. Did parents give permission before this stunt was filmed and sent off for a national broadcast? We doubt it.


VIDEO: Channel One and Demopolis Middle Feb 20 2018

From Jim Metrock:

This morning, Channel One News featured a video of students from Demopolis Middle School, Demopolis, AL.

And just the other day I was bragging that Alabama schools have done so well ridding their classrooms of Channel One’s marketing scam.

A school like Demopolis Middle should know better.  They just recently received the disappointing news that they earned a “C” (74/100) on the state’s first-ever education report card.  Wasting time with Channel One’s hour-a-week TV viewing isn’t helping the school improve its academic standing.

From Channel One’s transcript for Feb. 20, 2018:

Now, before we wheel into this week’s next big thing, let’s find out what you thought about last week’s.

We told you about the new confection taking the sweets industry by storm — ruby chocolate. So is it the next big thing? Well, 70 percent said, “Yes — break me off a piece!” Thirty percent said, “Nah — melt this idea away!”

Class: This is Ms. Greene’s sixth-grade science class at T. A.  Dugger Junior High in Elizabethton, Tennessee, and we think ruby chocolate is the next big thing!

Class: This is Ms. Hall’s sixth-grade class at (Demopolis) Middle School in … Alabama, and we think the ruby chocolate is not the next big thing. 

Keith: Wow, great responses — thank you so much, guys.

Note: If you have never seen one of Channel One’s infamous, ancient 19-inch, Magnavox TV sets hanging off their equally ancient Channel One brackets, just take a look at the picture above.


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