Northeastern High School (OH) goes gaga over Channel One.

May 8, 2018

From Jim Metrock: It’s rare to see high school students participate in a Channel One News stunt.  Usually, students just out of elementary school love to send in their “shout outs” so they can see themselves on the classroom TV screen.

However, Northeastern High School students in Springfield, OH had some middle school-fun by filming a video opening up Channel One’s May 7th show.  At the end of the video a Northeastern High student runs in from the right and shoots a layup.  

From Channel One’s transcript:

Students: This is Ms. Haemmerle’s class from Northeastern High School in Springfield, Ohio, and Channel One News starts right now!

Arielle: Slam-dunk from Northeastern High School in Springfield, Ohio, giving us a little b-ball action on this Monday — got to love it.



Seems like this school has done this type of thing before.

Could the school have helped this student with her career plans without Channel One News?  Of course.

The overwhelming majority of American secondary schools have never had Channel One in their classrooms. These schools found ways to inspire their students without relying on the help of a kiddie marketing firm like Channel One News.


NEHS Sophomore Receives Surprise Visit From Nationwide News Outlet

Last Spring, NEHS sophomore, Rachel Moos, wrote a letter to Channel One in response to their request for submissions for their “What’s Next?” news segment. “What’s Next?” is a segment featuring the future plans of current high school students and is “designed to give [students] a peek into […] what [future careers] might really be like.” In her letter, Rachel explained that her nephew had been hospitalized and this inspired her to want to become a neonatal nurse. Compelled by her storyline, Channel One, which airs during school to six million students around the country and is owned by the same parent company as CBS, contacted Rachel’s parents and Northeastern High School shortly before Thanksgiving about the possibility of surprising Rachel at school and doing a feature story on her. On Thursday, November 29, 2012, Maggie Rulli of Channel One News showed up at Northeastern High School and surprised Rachel during her 3rdperiod Biology class. Following the surprise, Rachel was interviewed about her future plans then taken to Dayton Children’s Hospital where she was given the opportunity to shadow a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit. Students in Mr. Binkley’s Biology class were also given the opportunity to record the “Shout Out” that introduces Channel One each day. The segment featuring Rachel and Mr. Binkley’s class will air sometime next month. For more information regarding the “What’s Next?” news segment, click on the link below:

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