Two reasons Channel One News is gone.

July 15, 2018

From Jim Metrock:  This is a flyer I printed up in 2013 and sent to school board members across the country.

Channel One News advertised both these movies to middle school students, some just out of elementary school.  These aren’t the worst movies Channel One News urged children to see, however, they do help one understand the reckless disregard Channel One had for schoolchildren.

When Channel One News advertised movies like these, they further alienated school teachers, and teachers didn’t like Channel One to begin with.

What type of adults would dump this toxic, violent content on children?  “Channel One News employees” is the answer.

The Possession and House at the End of the Street both contained violence and the threat of violence.  Students who were forced to watch Channel One throughout the years saw many ads for movies and TV shows that served up violence as a form of entertainment.

Sure is good to know Channel One News won’t be dumping violence into our classrooms ever again.

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