Serial killer joke for elementary school kids? Channel One messes up again.

November 4, 2017

Houghton Mifflin's Channel One plays serial killer joke on elementary school kids.








Serial killers: John Wayne Gacy, Ed Gein, Jeffery Dahmer, Demetrius Pipkin!??


From Jim Metrock:

What does a 3rd grader know about serial killers?  The nitwits at Channel One News evidently believe elementary school kids should know enough about serial killers to get the “funny” joke they rubbed in kids faces on October 31.

On Halloween, the on-air personalities at Channel One were told to dress up for the show. Each costume was to be a pun that schoolchildren were to guess.  Like most puns, the costumes probably provoked many moans, but one costume probably provoked gasps from elementary school teachers.

One Channel One person dressed up as a butterfly with social media logos on her which made her a “social butterfly.” Yuk, yuk.  You can see the others in the picture below.

Demetrius Pipkin, however, went out of bounds. Either he was told by a producer he was to be a serial killer, or he made that bonehead decision on his own.

His costume was simple. He wore containers of cereal around his neck and he repeatedly stabbed the cereal with a long knife. Mimicking how a serial killer, I guess,  would repeatedly stab a victim.

Channel One News has two versions of their daily show. One for secondary school students in grades 6-12, and one for elementary school students grades 3-5.  Both shows featured the Halloween costumes, but oddly the elementary school version was much more offensive.

In the secondary school version, Channel One personalities didn’t tell the audience what their costume pun meant. They told the audience to go to to get the explanation of the costumes. However, on the elementary school version, Channel One told the students what each costume was.  They said very clearly Demetrius Pipkin was a “serial killer” or maybe they said he was a “cereal killer.” It’s hard to tell. Bottom line, Channel One producers are reckless, lazy, unthinking jerks to do something like this.

Demetrius Pipkin is all smiles and giggles as he brandishes long knife in his role as cereal/serial killer.

On-air personalities enjoy playing dress up as school time is wasted. This segment on the secondary school version takes up nearly a minute. This is typical of Channel One News: Fill up airtime with nonsense because it’s cheaper to create than covering a real news story.

Watch for yourself:

Here is Channel One’s time wasting Halloween segment for OLDER students:  C1N Halloween fun Oct 31 2017

Here is the Halloween segment for ELEMENTARY SCHOOL student: C1N Elementary Halloween Oct 31 2017

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