Tones [sic] of problems for NexxGen News.

September 12, 2019

NexxGen News not ready for prime time.

From Jim Metrock:

Some people are good spellers and some, like me, are not.

It appears that NexxGen News employees also have trouble with spelling.

Take a look at an NGN Facebook post from this week.

“Tones” surely means “tons,” a mistake anybody can make.

What is troubling is another spelling mistake that is a “doozy.”

Let me introduce you to Grabriella Ruddy. She was a reporter for NexxGen News earlier this year.

The sloppy production people at NexxGen not only misspelled her first name but also her last name.  I didn’t know that could happen.

Her correct name for the record is Gabriella Rudy. These two mistakes show a deeper problem at NGN. These people just don’t care enough to produce a good product. They don’t care enough to check the spelling of simple words and the name of a co-worker whose name will be plastered on a TV screen.  They also don’t care enough to correct their mistakes. Both of these examples I have posted happened days ago (“tones”) and months ago (“Grabriella Ruddy”).

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