Livingston Parish Schools still show Channel One.

April 18, 2018

Email sent to Livingston Parish school board members.



Dear School Board Member,

It appears that some of your classrooms are still showing the controversial Channel One TV show. Only a decreasing minority of American school districts are still bringing this company’s advertising into classrooms.

More than likely a previous board experimented with Channel One in the 90’s, and it probably hasn’t been thought of since.

Please consider taking time to watch this short (under 3 minutes) video that explains why high achieving schools have no time for showing movie commercials to students during taxpayer-funded school time.

My name is Jim Metrock with Obligation, Inc. and since 1996 I have been researching and reporting on the efforts of kiddie marketers to entrench themselves in public school classrooms.

I’m not selling anything to replace Channel One’s one-hour-a-week drain on student time, but just imagine what an extra hour a week of reading could do for students… and test scores.

I hope you look into why this widely-criticized youth marketing firm still has a presence in your classrooms.  Certainly, I hope you make this video accessible to parents so they can better understand this controversial TV show.

Much Obliged for all you do for other people’s children,

Jim Metrock


PS On April 16, 2018, students from Mr. Caballero’s world history class at Denham Springs High appeared on Channel One’s TV show. The class filmed a promotional video that Channel One used to open that day’s show. Allowing public school students to help promote a for-profit school vendor is… unusual. Parents may not have given their informed permission for the use of their student’s image on a national broadcast.

From Channel One’s transcript:

Students: This is Coach Cab’s senior world history class from Denham Springs, Louisiana, and Channel One News starts right now!

Azia: And that was Denham Springs High School in Louisiana getting us in gear for Monday — thanks, guys.

[Note: This video was viewable on Channel One‘s website, but has been removed.]

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