Bill Nye, the Thoughtless Guy

April 11, 2018


From Jim Metrock:  Bill Nye appeared on Channel One News yesterday. He was there to promote science to young viewers.  And he was there to promote his brand.

Mr. Nye has been a very successful self-promoter for decades.

Having absolutely no training as a scientist, he has been phenomenally successful in creating the misleading persona of a “Science Guy” and he has become rich in the process.

Bill Nye Does Not Speak for Us and He Does Not Speak for Science

“But by attending the SOTU (State of the Union address) as Rep. Bridenstine’s guest, Nye has tacitly endorsed those very policies and put his own personal brand over the interests of the scientific community at large. Rep. Bridenstine is a controversial nominee who refuses to state that climate change is driven by human activity, and even introduced legislation to remove Earth sciences from NASA’s scientific mission.”

What is disturbing about Mr. Nye’s appearance on Channel One is his disregard for the thousands of schoolchildren forced to watch him. Channel One’s onerous contract disproportionately hurts schoolchildren in lower-income communities. They lose up to an instructional week of school watching Channel One.

By appearing on the “pariah of education,” Nye helps keep Channel One going just a little bit longer, and that’s a bad thing for students.

Just like appearing at the State of the Union with a climate change denier, Bill Nye will do whatever he needs to do to get in front of a camera.

Shame on you, Bill Nye.

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