Call For Channel One Advertisers

September 20, 1997

Who are the national advertisers
on Channel One? If you are monitoring Channel One in your community
email Obligation with
the names of the products and services you see on the show. Parents
and other taxpayers need to know who the corporations are that
underwrite this controversial TV show. We will be adding a section
on this page that will have all the necessary information about
the advertisers. These sponsors have gotten a free ride for far
too long. We will use the same successful strategy as Obligation
used with local sponsors of “trash” talk shows in Birmingham.
We will address our letters and phone calls to the CEO of the
company advertising on Channel One and on their website, not
the VP of Marketing or their advertising agency.

A complaint to any one other
than the CEO is a waste of time and energy. It might accomplish
the desired result, but it would be rare. The CEOs of Channel
One’s national advertisers need to understand the legitimate
concerns of educators, students, parents, and taxpayers. Channel
One is a highly controversial TV show. The advertisers financially
underwrite it with their money. They shouldn’t buy a captive
audience of school children, and the public will let them know