A Soap Opera Ad On Channel One?

November 15, 1997

FACE=”Arial”>Do you know what soap opera was advertised on Channel
One in May of this year? Click on this line and email us.
SIZE=”-1″ FACE=”Arial”> Thanks. (All information is confidential.)

We feel safe in saying now that
a soap opera was pitched to children by Channel One in May of
this year. We first heard the report by a substitute teacher
in Birmingham. She told us that she didn’t see it herself but
that a teacher came into her room and said, "You won’t believe
what Channel One advertised today!" She said a commercial
for a soap opera was shown. The substitute could not remember
the name of the soap. She did not know if it ran more than once.

After calling us, the substitute
teacher felt uncomfortable in asking other teachers about the
name of the soap opera because it might look like she was causing
trouble. (Just a moment for an editorial and rhetorical question:
What has happened to our schools, when teachers are scared to
death of falling out of favor with a principal or superintendent
who’s endorsed and blessed Channel One?) Obligation could not
secure a copy of any Channel One tape the week in question. No
one at two other Channel One schools knew anything about a soap
opera ad. With only second-hand knowledge, we did not pursue.
Actually, we thought it had to be a mistake. Channel One has
"pushed the envelope" many times before, but "soap

Soap operas are a known commodity.
Most people would think "Marilyn Manson" was a female
country singer instead of being a satanic all-male rock band.
But everyone knows the highly-charged and irresponsible sexual
nature of soap operas. (Unless there’s a new wholesome one which
we don’t know about.)

Yesterday, we got more evidence
that Channel One did indeed run a commercial for a soap opera
in May. Alas, it was again indirect evidence. (A librarian in
a Midwestern state, who was very concerned about our report on
Manson music being played on Channel One, said that teachers
had complained about a soap opera commercial in May.)

Now we need your help. Use the
link above to contact us if you have information about this commercial.
We imagine it is probably an ABC soap opera, since ABC is a major
sponsor of Channel One and has signed a deal to help Channel
One with their news (more advertising for ABC). Parents need
to know what their children are being told to see during Channel
One. Please help.