Will Channel One Let You Own the Equipment?

November 19, 1997

A Kansas middle school teacher
who is very familiar with Channel One sent us a letter, dated
November 12,1997, telling us how wonderful Channel One is. She
says, "At the end of three years, if the school no longer
wishes to be a part of Channel 1, the equipment becomes the property
of the school." Whoa.

We have seen some Alabama superintendents
confused about equipment ownership, but it has always been resolved
that they misunderstood the contract and that we were right.
(A little bragging never hurts.) No one has ever come out so
clearly and said that their Channel One contract says that they
get to keep the equipment after serving up the kids for three

The beauty of the Internet is
that "the truth is out there." We can help each other
find it. Obligation’s understanding is that no school – ever
– gets to own the equipment. We were told that by Channel One’s
Martin Grant. If, indeed, some schools have negotiated a different
contract with Channel One or were offered a different contract,
we would like to know.

Tell us what your Channel One
contract says about owning the equipment. If you can, please
send us a copy of your contract. (It could be either a "Whittle
Communications" contract " or a "K-III Communications"
contract.) Email us at info@obligation.org
. All information will be confidential.