Mississippi Baptist Christian Action Commission Newsletter Addresses Channel One Concerns

December 15, 1997

The problems with Channel One
were the focus of an article appearing in "Salt & Light"
a newsletter of the Mississippi Baptist Christian Action Commission.
The article, "Channel One – Captive Audience in the Classroom",
mentioned many of Obligation’s findings and research, along with
listing the numerous organizations that oppose Channel One.

The article mentions the Vassar
College’s study, some of the offensive commercials, the use of
Marilyn Manson music in the classroom, and much more.

It is very encouraging to see
a church organization take on popular culture issues that adversely
affect children. As the Baptist Convention did a great service
to the nation with the Disney Boycott, the Christian Action Commission
has done their members a great service by bringing before them
problems with this invisible intruder in Mississippi schools.