September 11, 1998

[From Obligation – Channel
One is targeting our children again. This time they are going
to have principals hand out samples of advertisers’ products
during school time. Obligation has not heard of "Channel
One Cover Concepts Marketing Services" but it appears to
have the same purpose as Channel One News. This outrageous abuse
of school time should be protested by all teachers, principals,
parents and other taxpayers.]


New York, September 8, 1998 —
PRIMEDIA’s Seventeen magazine in conjunction with Channel
One’s Cover Concepts Marketing Services, also a PRIMEDIA
business and the leading in-school marketing company, will launch
a unique sampling program offering female teens samples of their
favorite brands. "Seventeenpak" will be distributed
in participating schools all over the United States.

Initial sponsors include: Kimberly
Clark, Playtex, Midol, SC Johnson and Helene Curtis.

The "pak," which will
be designed as a reusable cosmetic bag and will be branded with
the Seventeen magazine name and logo, will include a 16-page
digest version of Seventeen magazine and free product samples
from sponsors of the program. Sponsors who place a sample in
the "pak" will receive a free, four-color ad page in
the digest version of the magazine.

Ad sales, fulfillment and distribution
will be managed by Channel One’s Cover Concepts. Third party
research will be provided for all sponsors, along with an ABC
audit verifying that the distribution took place. In addition,
category exclusivity will be offered.

The launch of the "pak"
in October 1998 will be to one million female teens. After the
initial launch, the "pak" will be offered in school
twice a year, in October and April, to up to three million female

Seventeen is an American icon
which pioneered the young women’s magazine market. Today
Seventeen remains the leading magazine for young women ages 12-24
and a dominant force in American culture. The magazine, which
covers a wide variety of topics relevant to young women including
fashion, beauty, entertainment, and social issues, reaches one
out of every two teens in the United States, as well as one out
of every five young women ages 18-24.

Channel One’s Cover Concepts
is one of the largest in-school marketing companies, reaching
more than 30 million kids ages 6-18 in more than 50 percent of
American classrooms. Programs include sponsored book covers,
self product sampling and cooperative product sampling in elementary,
junior high and high school classrooms.