Channel One Promotes the Sexually Charged “Dawson’s Creek” To Schoolchildren

October 5, 1998

“Channel One is spitting into the face of parents and children. On “Dawson’s Creek”, last spring, a 15-year-old character on the show had sex with his teacher. The content of the show is saturated with sex talk. This is the creation of the director of the vulgar and obscenely-violent ‘Scream’ movies,” said Jim Metrock, Obligation president.

This year, even more indecent content is coming. “No one will be a virgin when this season ends,” laughs one “Dawson’s Creek” actress recently in a local newspaper article.

If your school system is still requiring students to watch Channel One, the time is now to demand that it be turned off. Channel One is a company that you want to keep far away from your children. Parents and educators should watch “Dawson’s Creek” on October 7 on the WB Network to see the content of the show schools are pushing on our children. Channel One is urging children to watch the Oct. 7 premiere show entitled “The Morning After”. Children will see if the main character had sex with his girlfriend, both are 16. The last show of last season had them in a passionate embrace. Channel One is giving out clues in a contest where a student can win a non-acting role on a future episode of this vulgar TV show. This insanity in our schools has to stop soon. There is no place for Channel One in a school that is dedicated to education.