Dawson’s Creek

October 5, 1998

Channel One Pushes Sexually-Charged Show on Children

Channel One and Dawson’s Creek

What was Channel One thinking about when they ran seven ads, in September, for “Dawson’s Creek” to children as young as 11? Channel One even put the full authority of their “special relationship” with our kids behind a contest that encouraged children to watch the premiere episode (rated “DL”) . The November 4th show was rated “DLS” TV14, for suggested sexual dialogue, offensive language and adult sexual situations. Let your school board know you don’t appreciate Channel One and your child’s school telling kids what sleazy TV shows to watch.

The new president of Channel One, Kevin McAliley, was responsible for this cultural rot being forced down the throats of schoolchildren. Don’t complain to McAliley, complain instead to your superintendent and school board. Tell them you want Channel One out of your school now.

Channel One always has a defense: “Oh, we stopped those ads.” Sorry, Channel One, you don’t hit our children in the face with a two by four and then say you’re not going to do that again. We are asking Channel One for a written apology for dumping this sex-saturated show into children’s lives. We will post it when we get it. Don’t hold your breath. This is the same company that never apologized for reviewing R-rated movies and sexually-explicit CDs for children on their Channel One web site. They never apologized for writing articles on their web site that told kids how to cheat on book reports by watching certain movies. They never apologized for luring kids to their chat rooms where they could be in real physical danger from child predators. They never apologized for having the nerve to give sex advice to pre-teens. They never apologized for running a TV story telling children that half of all parents smoked marijuana when they were the age of the viewers. They have never apologized for the irresponsible playing of Marilyn Manson music during their TV show. Check out the rest of our site for more reckless actions by this marketing firm.

Dear Mr. Kevin
McAliley, Channel One’s newly appointed president: Please send your apology to Obligation, Inc., 3100 Lorna Road, Suite 311, Birmingham, AL 35216. We will relay it to the country.

[Number “1” Trademark Channel One Network 1998]

As of November 29, 1998, there has been no apology from Mr. McAliley.

11/98 Not again! Channel One web site runs DeliverE.com ad and violates the privacy of children. The new Netmarket ad on Channelone.com is deceptive. Channel One again declares “”commercial war” on children.
Note: As of December 1, Channel One appears to have pulled these two ads. Caught again in the act of shaking down children.

October 5, 1998 – Press Release – Group Condemns Channel One Ads For Sexually Charged “Dawson’s Creek”

(Birmingham, AL) October 5, 1998 – Channel One has sunk to a new low says Obligation, Inc., a Birmingham-based child advocacy and media watchdog organization.

Since September 28, Channel One, the in-school TV show, has run ads that urged schoolchildren to watch the season’s premiere episode of the adult-content “Dawson’s Creek” TV series. Channel One is a sponsor of a contest that could win a student a role on “Dawson’s Creek”. Children must guess a locker combination to be a winner. Channel One is supplying students hints during school time.

Students at Channel One schools will find out if they are the big winner by watching “Dawson’s Creek” season premiere on October 7.

Jim Metrock, Obligation’s president said, “Channel One is spitting in the face of parents with their promotion of this vulgar TV show. Last spring, “Dawson’s Creek” show was filled with sex talk and inappropriate sexual situations. The most infamous of which was when a 15-year-old male character had sex with his “40-something” teacher. On that episode the audience is shown a close-up of the teacher’s face while having sex with her middle school student. This is the sexual world of ‘Dawson’s Creek’.”

Sample dialogue: Teacher trying to bluff 15-year-old boy: “You’re right. Let’s do it. Where should we do it? I know. My desk. Our first time should be on my desk.”

She then looks at the middle school student: “Strip!” She continues, “Do you have condoms, Pacey? Because we’re going to need condoms. This is a high school, I’m sure you can round some up.” (They ultimately consummate their relationship.)

“Channel One and the schools that continue to require students to be shown it, are urging schoolchildren to see a very adult show. The season premiere now being promoted on Channel One is called ‘The Morning After’. Kids are going to see if the main character and his girlfriend, both 16, had sex after ending last season with a passionate kiss and embrace. This show has a “DL” rating for sexual dialogue and offensive language. What are our schools doing? They shouldn’t be requiring students to view any commercials as part of their school day, especially not ads for age-inappropriate programs like ‘Dawson’s Creek’,” said Metrock.

John Leo, columnist for the U. S. News and World Report, devoted a column to the vulgar nature of “Dawson’s Creek” last spring. Mr. Leo writes, “The first episode contains a good deal of chatter about breasts, genitalia, masturbation and penis size.”

Sample dialogue includes a 16-year-old girl asking the lead character “How often do you walk your dog (masturbate), huh?”

Dawson: “Usually in the morning, with Katie Couric.

Metrock said, “By making Channel One mandatory, school systems like Jefferson County, are giving their seal of approval to TV shows that glamorize casual sex. Parents need to call their superintendent and school board members and say ‘I don’t want my school and Channel One telling my child what to see or what to buy.'”

Metrock said, “School boards that continue to allow this cultural rot to be advertised to our children during school time, when a child cannot easily excuse himself, should expect the wrath of the public. Parents in Walker and Shelby County need to thank their school boards for turning Channel One off.”

Obligation urges school systems to end their contracts with Channel One (which can be done at any time). If systems keep Channel One, Obligation urges them to not show it to students unless a parent or guardian has given informed written consent. Also, schools should make copies of each Channel One program for parents to check out and review at home.

The September Consumer Reports magazine advises parents to urge their principals to remove Channel One from their schools.

Superintendent Jefferson County,- Dr. Bruce Wright, 930-3931; Superintendent Shelby County – Evan (E-van) Major 669-5600; Channel One Network 212-508-6800 Paul Folkemer, VP Education; Center for Commercial-Free Public Education 510-268-1100 Exec. Director: Marianne Manilov


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