Channel One Successfully Delivers Children To “Dawson’s Creek” And WB Network

October 14, 1998


The ratings are in and Channel One has something to brag about to future potential advertisers. They teamed up with the WB Network to help sponsor a contest that would assure a big child audience for the sex-saturated series “Dawson’s Creek.” Channel One ran ads urging children to see the season premiere entitled “The Morning After”.

According to Electronic Media magazine, “Dawson’s Creek” posted a 5.2/9 [rating/share]. “The WB finished No. 1 for the night in the 12-34 demographic and teens 12 to 17.”

“Schools gave their seal of approval to the WB Network and “Dawson’s Creek” by allowing their ads to run during school time. Parents and other taxpayers have no idea that they are subsidizing the promotion of sleazy entertainment during class time,” said Jim Metrock. “Channel One made their client, the WB Network, a lot of new younger viewers. Channel One did their part by getting the kids to see the first show of what is promised to be a season of non-stop irresponsible sex among teens. Channel One has established a new standard for recklessness.”

“Every parent in America who is unfortunate enough to have Channel One as a mandated part of their child’s school day, should go to their superintendent and say, ‘Don’t tell my child what TV shows to watch. Don’t tell my child what athletic shoes to wear. Don’t tell my child what brand junk food to eat.'”

Channel One now has a connection with “Dawson’s Creek”. Channel One not only ran ads for the over-the-edge TV show, they sponsored a contest for a Channel One student to win a guest appearance on the program. The “Dawson’s Creek” episode advertised on Channel One in classrooms, had a “DL” rating. The “D” means it contained sexually suggestive dialogue. The “L” stands for coarse, offensive language.

” For schools with Channel One, the new school year has started off with an immediate trip to the sewer. It almost makes you wish for the good old days of David Tanzer (former president of Channel One who recently was reassigned). Channel One also pushed WB’s ‘Felicity’ which contains adult themes. In the same week they advertised Eddie Murphy’s newest movie ‘Holy Man.’. It looks like a rough year for schoolchildren forced to watch Channel One,” said Metrock.


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