Channel One Schools Endorse Adam Sandler’s Newest Movie

November 6, 1998


Touchstone Pictures’ “The Waterboy”


Several ads ran for this Disney adult-comedy. The PG-13 was slapped on this film because of offensive adult language and crude sexual humor. A scene from the commercial Channel One ran for kids, shows the “Waterboy” knocking down a teacher in a classroom after the teacher makes the main character angry. This commercial was shown in the classrooms of schools with Channel One. It was suppose to be funny. Parents have no idea their schools are promoting and giving their sealof approval to movies, especially movies like this one.

Jim Metrock, Obligation president, said, “The gatekeepers are asleep or, worse, they no longer care. A school that still maintains loyalty to Channel One has betrayed the trust parents and other taxpayers placed in them. We don’t need our schools promoting any movies or TV shows, much less, movies that are filled with sex talk and profanity. The man in charge of approving Channel One’s commercials is Paul Folkemer. Since he has come on board in August, he has approved of ads for an Eddie Murphy movie, “The Waterboy”, WB’s “Felicity”, and the outrageous “Dawson’s Creek”. Mr. Folkemer’s idea of what is a good time for children is radically different than most parents I know. Mr. Folkemer, and his fellowMadison Avenue executives, have no business telling our children what sleazy TV shows or movies to watch. Do you think these high-priced execs took the time to preview this movie? They are too busy counting their ad revenue. Kids really are great for the bottom line. There is only one answer to this idiotic abuse of school time – terminate the Channel One contract.”


Here’s part of a review of “The Waterboy”:

The Waterboy (PG-13) 1:26

Touchstone Pictures

Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler)is a 31-year old Louisiana Bayou football waterboy. He endures constant ridicule and mean jokes because of his lack of social skills and retiring personality. One day he finally has enough and takes out his anger through aggression in tackling his teammate. The coach (Henry Winkler) sees “The Waterboy” as a way to end his team’s 40-game losing streak and puts him on the team.

About 30 obscenities. Crude terms for male and female genitals. Brief scene of some cross-dressing. Suggestion of mixed gender group sex. Intimation of two police officers as homosexuals as they show open the door bare-chested. Man puts hands on woman’s breast. Closeup of naked male buttocks. Ridiculing of virginity. Sensually dressed females with sexually suggestion conversation.. Intimate kissing. Although female nudity is not seen, there is a scene with a female opening her shirt and showing her bare chest to a male. Brief scene of sexual activity. Man with nipple rings pulls them erotically. Sexual innuendo. Violence–the plot revolves around “The Waterboy” attacking people in anger. Man eating a whole, raw rabbit–see blood on mouth. The mother (Kathy Bates) calls everyone her son comes in contact with “The Devil.” Between-the-lines ridiculing of home education and people in the Deep South. Not a nice sports movie. Terrible example for children and teens. Directed by: Frank Coraci. Also starring: Fairuza Balk, Jerry Reed.

This is a copy of an email I sent Mr. Paul Folkemer, VP Channel One. He has told Alabama citizens that he is responsible for approving all web and in-school TV advertisements to children. This email also contains another review of “The Waterboy”.


From Jim Metrock




This is from a review of “The Waterboy”. You approved the commercial for this movie to be shown to schoolchildren at least twice during class time on Channel One.

The cultural rot that Channel One continues to pour into our Alabama schools is deplorable. I have sent a letter to Kevin McAliley, pres. of Channel One, asking for a written apology for advertising the sex-saturated “Dawson’s Creek” on Channel One a total of seven times this fall.

I urge you to cease advertising all TV shows and movies on Channel One.

Much Obliged,

Jim Metrock

The Waterboy

Reviewer: Max Windjammer

Rating: PG-13

Running Time: 1:40

Appropriate Audience: Older Teens to Young Adults


Genre: Comedy


“…If you are considering letting your children see this film, be warned. “The Waterboy” is peppered with its share of crude elements. There are four verbal crude references to female and male breasts. In one scene, Bobby’s girlfriend flashes her breasts in order to seduce him (however, no nudity is shown and the main character refused her advances-imagine that!). In addition, there were three crude references to sexual acts and two crude references to the male genitals. The film is probably rated PG-13 for its use of moderately crude and obscene language (13 a-words, 7 s-words, 3 f-words). There is one comedic moment where Henry Winkler drops his pants exposing his “rear.” And lastly, in a running gag throughout the film, the cheerleaders and the mascot of the worst team of the south were shown to be passed-out from drinking hard liquor.

Any amusement gained from watching “The Waterboy” is equally weighed down with its crude humor and language. When will Hollywood learn that a film does not need to be sexually crude in order to be funny? The film could have been much more appealing without these elements. Overall, I would strongly discourage children and teens under 18 from seeing this film. “The Waterboy” needs to check its own ph levels.”

Paul, Alabama citizens are not paying taxes for this garbage to be advertised in their school houses.

One last dose of what is in a typical movie Channel One and schools are urging our children to go to. Here is yet another part of a different review of “The Waterboy” with more specific descriptions.



What sounded liked 1 “f” word, at least 6 “s” words (1 written), 5 names using male genitals (“needle d*ck”), 16 asses (2 used with “hole”), 4 hells, 2 damns, and 1 use of “My God” as exclamations.



We see a brief closeup of Coach Klein’s bare butt as he shows a tattoo on it.

To taunt Bobby, another player says, “I’ll be playing with your mama tonight.”

Two women at a party approach Bobby and ask if he’s seeing any women. Not understanding the dating implication, he says that he sees women and men too. One of the college women, misunderstanding him in return, comments that she finds that (her presuming he’s bisexual) sexy. He then comments that he was with his Mama and Coach Klein the other night (and she says, “You are a bad boy”).

After kissing Bobby and learning that it was the first time he’s done that, Vicki undoes her top and exposes her bare breasts to him (we only see his reaction). He gets uncomfortable, however, and has her leave.

Bobby tells Mama, “I like Vicki, and she likes me back. And she showed me her boobies, and I like them too.”

We see a brief shot of the local sheriff and his deputy partying on New Year’s Eve with champagne and their shirts off (implying comic homosexuality).

Vicki briefly comments that she’ll later, and properly, introduce Bobby to manhood.

While hugging Vicki after breaking down about being an unattractive geek, a man briefly gropes her clothed breast.

Bobby is confused about what’s going to happen on his wedding night, and a bystander in the crowd yells, “Do it. You can do it,” while swiveling his hips in somewhat of a sexual manner.



Vicki smokes a few times.

Some cheerleaders smoke, as do people at a party.



Bobby’s Mama tells him that his father died before he was born, but we later learn that the father simply left Mama for other women.



Making fun of other people.


Most of Bobby’s football related tackles are of the bone-jarring variety where those he tackles are often dazed afterwards.

A football, thrown by an unseen player, hits Bobby on the head, and later others have put a water cooler on his head (and then step on it — on his head — as they walk away).

Imitating his favorite wrestler, Bobby pokes another player in the eye.

Mad at a professor for making fun of his Mama, Bobby violently tackles him (and we later see the professor and he’s rather banged up).

Bobby leaps into the air and lands a flying kick on an opposing player.

An opposing player menacingly approaches Bobby and so Vicki suddenly holds her knife to this player’s throat (and is subsequently arrested).

In anger, Coach Klein throws some object through a window that breaks it, and then hits a professor on the head.

Played for laughs, Vicki holds up a sign for Bobby reading “Do you want me to kill them?” regarding some people giving Bobby his high school equivalency test.

Mama runs and violently tackles her former husband.

Action Step: If you have Channel One in your school, ask your superintendent and school board members to go with you to see “The Waterboy”. If they balk, remind them that they allowed the school system to endorse the movie by showing mandatory ads for it during class time. Surely, the movie has educational value or why else would it be shown repeatedly in school? Confront your superintendent. Don’t be shy. The superintendent and school board are the ones doing the wrong thing. Remember that even according to Channel One’s own figures, a large majority of secondary schools in our country do not have Channel One in their schools.




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