Schools Tell Children To See “Meet Joe Black”

November 13, 1998


Schools, with Channel One’s help,
told our kids again what movie to see this weekend. This time
it was PG-13 "Meet Joe Black".

"Schools endorse the products
they make children watch during school," said Jim Metrock,
Obligation president. "Any school board member or superintendent
who thinks the school doesn’t endorse the products pushed on
kids is not being honest. Schools should not be in the business
of telling our children what brand of jeans to wear or what movies
to watch. Those boards that continue with Channel One will, and
should, face well-earned legal problems as parents and other
taxpayers find out about Channel One."

"The management of Channel
One sees children in a much different way than parents or teachers
see them. A child is a pair of eyes and ears with an allowance.
Advertisers want their share, or more, of that child’s allowance.
They need to get their commercials to that child. Channel One
barters rental TV equipment for children’s eyes and ears. Channel
One couldn’t care less that parents and teachers would be offended
that any movie, much less a PG-13, is being advertised to their
child, during time everybody thought was for education. Channel
One got paid well for running this ad for Universal Pictures.
That’s the bottom line. When parents and teachers turn against
Channel One, it will be a total collapse of this marketing company.
It can’t come soon enough," said Metrock.