Ballabon and Folkemer Approve Second James Bond Ad for Kids

December 8, 1999


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Shameless Channel One keeps pounding away at our children. We have now seen the second ad (November 19, 1999) for the violent and sexually-charged James Bond movie. This time Channel One ran a commercial that tells the children that critics love this violent movie and that they (the children) need to see this movie more than once.

Schools are telling children as young as ten and eleven that they not only need to see an age-inappropriate movie, but they need to see it for the second time.

“Mr. Jeff Ballabon, Channel One’s VP of Network Affairs, is telling the world that he has made Channel One more wholesome,” said Jim Metrock, president of Obligation. “And we also have Dr. Paul Folkemer, the Channel One VP of Education, who said last year HE was going to clean things up at Channel One. Well, neither have done anything that is noticeable. Indeed, this program continues to push the envelope with our children.”

The latest James Bond commercial, evidently approved by Ballabon and Folkemer, starts off with the nozzle of a gun pointed at the students sitting in their desks. The gun turns and you see it is part of the “7” in “007”. Metrock said, “I guess Channel One thought the gun was a nice effect that would draw the children’s attention.”

In the first Bond ad approved by Ballabon and Folkemer, a sultry female voice-over tells the children: “He (Bond) can push himself harder and longer than any normal man.” The double entendre must have met Channel One’s “standards.”

“The Channel One executives in New York and Hollywood must be laughing their heads off as they dump this garbage into our schools. They are making a killing off our children and grandchildren and think that their high-priced lobbying firms will keep their cash flowing,” Metrock said. “They are absolutely wrong. Moms and dads in school districts across America are working to kick Channel One out of their children’s lives.”