First Channel One Ad for a Recording Artist

December 8, 1999


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SIZE=”-1″ FACE=”Arial”>< Jessica Simpson’s Commercial for her debut CD was mandatory viewing by children in schools with Channel One.

Times must be hard at Channel One’s Madison Avenue headquarters. For the first time, to our knowledge, Channel One has run a formal commercial for a recording artist. The singer is Jessica Simpson. Columbia Records paid for the ad on Channel One. Previously, Channel One has heavily promoted music acts by allowing them to “guest host” the show. Channel One would violate their own “news standards” by boldly promoting the artist’s
newest album or tour. Samples of the artist’s music would play throughout the show.

“This commercial is clearly a direct effort to push certain music on this impressionable captive audience,” said Jim Metrock. “Pubic schools are promoting this artist during taxpayer-purchased school time and that is outrageous. This is just the latest efforts to cram pop culture down the throats of our innocent children. The new management at Channel One is really pushing their luck with America’s parents and other taxpayers.”