Two Shocking New Ads on Channel One

December 9, 1999

The Channel One executives approved a new provocative ad for schoolchildren. Many ads on Channel One are sexually provocative. There is nothing new there, but the latest Schick female razor commercial sends a very powerful immoral message to children.

The commercial starts off showing a older girl saying, “When you live with guys, you learn all kinds of things.” This bombshell statement is played very casually by the actor in the commercial. Very young unmarried males and females is normalized. There is no problem with a young lady living with two young men. Schick is selling their razor to young women and Channel One is selling a very disturbing message to children by airing the commercial.

Jim Metrock, president of Obligation, said, “Parents are fed up with pious-sounding Channel One executives promising they are going to clean up Channel One. Dr. Paul Folkemer and Jeff Ballabon have got to be behind this new wave of aggressive ads. This is happening on their watch. To all the folks in Alabama who had Mr. Ballabon tell them that he was going to usher in a new day for Channel One, I can only say that new day appears to be a lot uglier than yesterday.”

Earlier this year, a teacher complained about this ad which must have run earlier. The teacher couldn’t believe that Channel One would be running such an ad that shows a girl living with two young men. She was directed by Peggy Li, the Channel One web person, to contact Dr. Paul Folkemer, the Channel One VP of Education and the man who gives final approval of all ads. Channel One received the complaint from a teacher and obviously dismissed the concerns of the teacher.

“I urge all school systems to immediately shut down the Channel One broadcast,” Metrock said. “This company has broken the faith with teachers and students so many times that it is apparent they do not have the best interests of schoolchildren at heart.”