Public Should Be Mad At MADD For Teaming With Channel One

February 12, 2000

Mothers Against Drunk Driving have steered
their organization into the national controversy over Channel
One. They have agreed to enter into a partnership with Channel
One in order to get more children to hear their important message.
The fact that Channel One is commercially exploiting schoolchildren
doesn’t seem to affect the MADD central office.

Obligation has contacted MADD’s office and
told them of the controversy in case they didn’t know, but it
was of little concern to them. We received a note back from them
telling us that they work with MTV so content and controversy
doesn’t matter to them. But it will. No matter how important your
mission MADD has no right to help those that exploit children.

If you have a MADD chapter in your town,
please contact them and tell them to end their relationship with
Channel One. There are many other ways to accomplish their goals
without using this corporate predator.