CBS Early Show

February 17, 2000

It appears that ABC News has ended their
"special relationship" with the controversial Channel
One TV show. Gone are any signs of ABC News on the dismal
site. Gone are the references to the ABC/Channel One partnership.
Some programming and news reports may still be seen on Channel
One but it appears that is simply a purchase of content.

Now Channel One has popped up on the "Early
Show" and CBS is in for a major battle with the public. Every
two weeks Channel One will have a segment of the "Early Show"
to showcase a recent story that aired on the in-school program.

Jim Metrock, president of Obligation, said,
"Steve Friedman, the executive producer of the Early Show,
has made a bad decision to bring the stink of Channel One to their
new morning show. This is simply an effort by Channel One to appear
to be a respected news gathering organization. They are not. They
are a marketing company that is interested in children watching
commercials. Hopefully, the public will respond to this reckless
programming decision in the one way that makes sense – turn off
Bryant Gumbel and the Early Show."

Metrock continued, " Did Mr. Friedman
know about the resolutions against Channel One? Did he know that
the largest Protestant denomination in the country urges schools
to remove Channel One? Did he know that they continue to promote
violent entertainment to children? One has to assume the man and
network knew about the controversy and that they simply thought
they could get away with teaming with Channel One. Well, they
can’t. They are busted. Let’s see where their ratings go with
Channel One tied around their necks. I urge parents to write CBS
and complain."