“Meth in America”

March 6, 2000

Channel One Shocks Teachers and Parents With Controversial “Meth in America” Series

From Jim Metrock: I have just seen the three-part series entitled “Meth in America” that appeared on Channel One February 9,10, and 11. The report was actually done by MTV and a MTV “reporter” (who use to be a Channel One “reporter”) presented the series to our children.

Our children are getting a drug education from Channel One and MTV. These are the last two companies you want teaching your children anything, especially anything to do with drugs. Students as young as eleven in classes with Channel One were told by the Channel One anchor to tune into MTV that night to watch see more about this drug called meth. Actually,our children saw plenty on Channel One. They saw a young woman get ready to inject herself. It was no big deal to her. She prepared the drug in a public restroom as the MTV/Channel One camera recorded it all and gave our children a long lurid peek into the drug world.

This report gave children the impression that every student is doing drugs. Marijuana and beer are OK compared to meth. The three-part series ends with the MTV reporter saying to kids that if they have a PROBLEM with meth you can call a certain number. Of course, the inference is that some can use the drug meth and not have a problem. Earlier in the report a young man is interviewed and says that only after a period of time measured in MONTHS does meth become a problem.

Children were told it was easy to make meth in your own home. People are doing this all the time. They even pan across the household materials and ingredients you need to make it at home. The message was clear, even if unintended – “You can make big money by finding out the ingredients to meth and making it at home.”

They show a home that was busted by the police. The officer says that when parents use to go out of town you would simply have beer parties by minors now you have meth parties. That was irresponsible for Channel One to tell children. It gave the impression that beer was acceptable for children.

Channel One’s report told our children all the “street” names for meth. Why did they do that? Why do our children have to be so steeped in the drug culture that MTV has itself promoted with it’s drug-drenched music videos?

We don’t need drug education by Channel One and MTV. We will have more on this series. If Channel One is still being shown in your school, demand that it be turned off.