Advertisers Losing Interest In Channel One?

May 17, 2000

Primedia’s president Tom Rogers recently mentioned that Channel One is losing advertiser support. Evidently three big advertisers have seriously lowered their spending on this controversial TV show or they might have totally withdrawn from the show.

Obligation urges all companies that are advertising on Channel One and to remove their financial support. There are other more respectable ways to get commercial messages to teens.

Hopefully, more advertisers will distance themselves from Channel One. Here is one thing you can do to help kids. Call They are a new advertiser on Channel One’s TV show. Talk to Danielle Kimbell and ask her to not use Channel One to get their ad message out. Her number is 800-468-2562. This is a small advertiser that probably doesn’t know the controversy about Channel One. We will be starting a new campaign aimed at Channel One’s advertisers soon. The public can stop this commercial exploitation. All it takes is a little work.

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