Vestavia Hills High School Dumps Channel One After Nine Years

May 17, 2000

Channel One Continues to Implode in Alabama

The Birmingham News reported today that Vestavia Hills High School has ended their contract with Channel One. A poll taken by the school librarian showed that an overwhelming majority of teachers, who were under contract to show the program, were in fact not showing it to students. 91% of teachers said they were not honoring the contract and were not exposing the students to Channel One’s content.

Jim Metrock said, “This is a victory for the students of this great school. Channel One had no place in a school that is so dedicated to academics. This is the school my son attends and I know teachers have never cared for this program.”

For years, Vestavia Hills H.S. showed Channel One before school started. “I guess it was a way to exploit the exploiter,” said Metrock. “The school would run Channel One at 7:45 AM and kids would pile into the classrooms shortly before 8:00. They would see the ending credits. Channel One knew what was going on, but they didn’t care. Just like they don’t care about our middle school not honoring their contract.”

The article states: “Dr. Newman (VHHS principal) has received no complaints from students or parents since Channel One was disconnected at the high school, she said.”

Metrock said, “Channel One is a liability for schools. No one is going to fight to keep this messy advertising gimmick in their schools. By kicking Channel One to the curb, Vestavia Hills joins the growing list of area high schools that have kicked Channel One out. Hoover H.S., Mountain Brook H.S.,and Homewood H.S. have never allowed Channel One on their school grounds. Last year, all eight of neighboring Shelby County’s high schools backed the removal of Channel One. Last month, Walker County’s high school dumped Channel One. The superintendent of the second largest school system in Alabama, Jefferson County, has indicated to a TV reporter that they are not honoring their contract with Channel One. All taxpayers should be very happy with the rejection of Channel One by Alabama schools.”


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