Middle School Students Told To See New Warner Brothers Movie

January 10, 2002

Channel One is at it again. On January 9, they advertised an upcoming movie starring Mandy Moore, a singer that has been advertised on C1 before.

Moore is making the circuit promoting the film. She will be on MTV on January 17 to push the film.  Ms. Moore was a former host on MTV in 2000. The Channel One advertising blitz for Moore’s movie is just starting.

When students cannot avoid such ads, the impact can be great.  C1 pounds the ad over and over into the classroom, in this case, both in high schools and middle schools.

The advertisement for “A Walk To Remember” (PG parental warning for thematic material, offensive language, and sensuality) is inappropriate for any classroom.

Jim Metrock said, “Channel One has advertised so many truly violent and sexual movies to children that when they advertise a less offensive movie like this one, people may be inclined to think kindly of Channel One. That is ridiculous. Channel One has no business telling anybody’s children what movies they should see.  No Public school should never advertise any product to a child, much less, a movie. Principals and teachers that allow that to happen should be disciplined.  They don’t understand the integrity of the classroom. MTV and Channel One are helping to push this movie on children as young as ten. Fat cats like C1’s Jeff Ballabon will make a ton of money promoting Hollywood’s movies to schoolchildren but the cost to our children is too dear.”

If you still have Channel One in your middle school, what are you going to do about it?

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