Ralph Reed Continues To Push Hollywood’s Pipeline To Kids – Channel One

March 16, 2002

Why is this man

You would to if you had the money Channel One News was paying Ralph Reed.


Ralph Reed continues to work in the shadows for Channel One.

Reed has been receiving money from Channel One since at least 1999, although he does not publicly acknowledge his contract with them.

Obligation have been unable to present information about Channel One’s promotion of violent and sleazy movies to Mr. Reed. When Obligation had video evidence that Channel One was advertising movies that promoted drug usage among young people, Mr. Reed refused to return calls. It appears, that the money is just too much and too steady for Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition, to turn away from.

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, “Ralph Reed refuses to meet with people who can show him beyond a doubt that Channel One is a greater harm to children than a benefit. One day, Mr. Reed will ask the American public to forgive him for the covert operations he has run for so long for Channel One. Thankfully almost every effort of his on behalf of Channel One, that I know of has been unsuccessful.”

Ralph Reed and his consulting firm, Century Strategies, have refused to disclose how much money Channel One pays them.

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