Horror PSAs Continue On Channel One

October 29, 2002

Parents have no idea that horror films being shown to their child on Channel One News. he Federal government has a whole new batch of ”

The Federal government has a whole new batch of “anti-drug” public service announcements that aim to scare children from drugs. Channel One balances these PSAs with commercials for movies that promote drug and alcohol usage among young people. It’s the best of both worlds for the Fat Cats at Channel One. They make money both ways.

Above is a still from a PSA that is truly horrific. Young people are in a car and they are apparently high on marijuana. They are so high they can’t place their order at this fast food take-out window. They are all laughing and they decide to drive off. A child is on a bicycle in front of their car. The scene ends without students actually seeing the child struck by the car, but the image is clearly in their minds. The message they are trying to send to kids is decision-making is affected by smoking pot.

Jim Metrock said, “You have to feel for the middle school children who are forced to watch this horror. There are children who can stomach seeing a child hit by a car and there are a lot who can’t. I am an adult who can’t. Channel One is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ show that is often brutal for the youngest in its audience. Just because the children don’t see the blood and broken bones doesn’t mean that they don’t carry awful images in their head after their daily dose of Channel One. Children don’t need any more violence in their lives. If your school still has Channel One, you are giving them a huge dose of ugliness and violence. A depressed child could come unglued with Channel One’s harsh content.”

See for yourself. Child Hit By Car PSA on Channel One News.