Channel One’s Latest Horror PSA Brings Gun Violence Into Classrooms

November 3, 2002

More mayhem on Channel One. Children witness a friend shooting his friend in the head (or possibly the chest – film ends with gun flash) while they sit smoking marijuana. The intended message from the ONDCP (Office for National Drug Control Policy) is “you can’t think straight when you smoke pot.” No one can argue with that obvious message but the brutality of these new “Horror” PSAs is revolting to parents who have seen them. Channel One executives would probably say that you cannot and should not shelter children from the violent world they live in. Channel One has always brought frightening images into the classrooms that rent their TV equipment.

Channel One believes they can make one TV show that is age appropriate for 18-year-olds AND 11-year-olds and all in between. It benefits their bottom line to have just one show. However, the youngest kids get slammed in the face with often brutal images and sounds.

See for yourself. Gun accident for Channel One’s captive audience. Teachers need to understand that there may be children who can’t handle these violent PSAs. Is there a school psychologist available for children after watching Channel One News?

Jim Metrock said, “These new ‘Horror’ PSAs are chosen by Channel One not by the local school district. Whatever happened to local control of schools? Channel One brings violence into any classroom in which it is shown. Parents would do their child, and school, a favor if they demand that Channel One News be removed from the school – now.”

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