Channel One Anchor Gives Interview

January 30, 2003

Seth Doane (Channel One anchor): “…Even Channel One has done things I’ve raised a stink about.”

Reporter: “For instance?”

Doane:. “On the record? I’ll pass. Let’s just say you hope you can uphold basic standards and keep your job.”

Mr. Doane points out one of the problems at Channel One News. He “hopes” he can uphold basic standards and keep his job. That’s the culture at the Hacienda, Channel One’s studio in Hollywood. There should be no “hoping” about it. A news organization should absolutely uphold ALL news standards, not just the “basic” ones. As we have reported over the years, Channel One News has repeatedly violated their published news standards.

There are several ways to take what Doane says above. He could be saying that I would like to uphold all the standards of conduct for reporters, but my bosses won’t let me. So I am going to try to uphold the basic standards and I hope I can keep my job.

Doane also addresses the fact that Channel One “reporters” get a lot of face-time on camera. He gives an excuse for it. To read the full article, which treats Doane as a celebrity more than a reporter, click on the link below. The title “International Bright Young Thing” shows it has more to do with Doane’s personal public persona and less to do with news.


Here is a clip of Doane, in his role as news anchor, helping a singer named Monica plug her newest CD. This happens in the “news” portion of the show. Doane must understand that this violates Channel One’s written promise to schools to not allow guest hosts and anchors plug products. He does it anyhow. We guess he wants to keep his job.

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