Channel One News Advertises Ultra Violent WB Show

January 7, 2004


(A picture from the Channel One-advertised, gross-out show “Angel.”)

Children get an unhealthy dose of the occult, violence, bizarre sex and general depravity on the WB’s “Angel.”

Why did Channel One News allow this show to be advertised to children? Ask the man yourself: Jim Ritt’s email is

He is responsible for this and all the other awful decisions C1N has made in recent years. Ask him if it is true what Obligation says here.

Did his company actually advertise the WB’s “Angel” to students. And if Channel One did (they did, we have the tapes), then why did Channel One News do such a thing? Don’t get your feelings hurt if Jim doesn’t write you back. Replying to the public is not one of his strong suits.

Parent’s Television Council condemns the WB’s “Angel” as one of the worst shows on TV. (” Despite its young target audience, Angel routinely features gory violence and graphic sexual encounters. Scenes frequently involve intense fighting, blood, decapitations, and more. The series also sends a dangerous and irresponsible message to teenage fans by equating violence with sexual excitement. In many scenes, characters become aroused by fighting.” )

Channel One News disagrees, and has repeatedly advertised “Angel” not only to high school students but to middle school students.

One more reason to remove Channel One News from your community’s schools.


Mr. Ritts, what is your problem?

I cannot understand Channel One’s history of advertising violent entertainment. Yes, I know your company likes to make a lot of money and the WB Network has shoveled money your way to advertise virtually every show that’s on their prime-time lineup, but still, don’t you have just a little compassion for these kids?

If “Angel” (rated “TV-14 DSLV”) got a “big thumbs up” from you, what would it take for you to say “No” to a TV show or movie ad? I can’t imagine where you and your Channel One News draws the line or if you have a “line.”

By doing what you keep doing, you and Channel One News needless bring a lot of ugliness into the lives of many children. Mr. Ritts, you shouldn’t do that. You should stop advertising violent entertainment. I think you wouldn’t be making these awful mistakes, if you just take the time to watch some of the films and TV shows that companies ask you to push.

I watched a little of tonight’s “Angel” and it turned my stomach. One scene shows a woman walking around with a large shard of glass (a triangle with a 3″ base and a height of 5″) jammed in her left eye. She takes the jagged piece of glass out of her eye and uses it to slash a man’s face. That’s enough. I could go on. Are you beginning to understand the rot you are dumping on kids?

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