More Channel One Violence

June 11, 2004

The WB Network pays Channel One News to run commercials for one of its most violent programs. It is called Angel. (Sounds nice, but it is a bloodbath of occult violence mixed with humor.) We have written about it before. We had hoped that Channel One’s president Jim Ritts and Jeff Ballabon, Channel One’s self-described “Moral Filter” would come to their senses.

They haven’t. So children continue to get covered with this cultural rot while they sit at their school desks.

The picture above was taken from the Channel One News broadcast that middle school children saw in May 2004. This man is in the process of killing someone on the classroom TV screen. What a criminal use of school time.

If your child attends a school that still has Channel One, you should work tirelessly all summer to make sure Channel One is removed by the start of the coming school year. (Don’t let school administrators mislead you if they tell you the contract with Channel One is a three-year contract and the school has to wait until the end of that term. It is a three-year contract, but it can be ended at ANY time without any damages or added penalty.)

Above: Angel is a show about the occult. Channel One News wants preteens to tune into the show and give it a try. Some parents might not appreciate what Channel One is doing, but they rarely fine out about it. Is this some sort of satanic symbol? What a absolutely ugly way for a child to start his or her school day. Ritts and Ballabon are laughing all the way to the bank.