Pushing The Envelope With Preteens

September 28, 2005

On Tuesday, September 13, students watched a violent
ad for a new horror TV series called Supernatural.

Above: (From the commercial shown in middle schools
and in some fifth grade classrooms.) Those two marks on this man’s
forehead are drops of blood. The students see one drop, then another.
The man is seeing something terrifying. Thankfully the vast majority
of American secondary schools do not have Channel One beamed into
their classrooms. You have to feel for the kids subjected to this
continuous violent imagery in their public school.

Above: More frames from the Supernatural commercial approved by
C1N. Students watch as a man is consumed by fire. Any young person
who has ever been in a fire or lost a loved one in a fire would
find this upsetting.

Somebody at Channel One News loves the occult. Since the mid-90’s
some of the most gruesome occult-centered TV shows have been advertised
on Channel One News. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was advertised for
years. The sequel (Angel) was advertised as well. Now Supernatural
is being pitched to students.

Above: The classroom is filled with the sights and
sounds of a man driving his car into a house.

Above: This attack scene is from the in-class commercial. “Channel
One students” are used to seeing violent images on their classroom
TV sets.

for yourself.