Ritts Refuses To Remove Pro-Drug Elliott From Website

October 7, 2005

This is the first paragraphs of Channel One’s promotion of Missy Elliott and her new UPN TV show. Don’t be fooled by the “make an anti-violence spot” language. This is the “cover” Channel One uses to give their ad campaigns some respectability. Missy Elliott is a singer who revels in violence, raunchy sex and drugs and more drugs.

Channel One’s president Jim Ritts knows the xxx-rated reputation of Missy Elliott. He promised teachers and schools that they would never have a musical artist known for explicit lyrics promoted on Channel One. We have no idea how much UPN and Elliott’s record label are paying Channel One for this incredible advertising campaign in public schools, but it will result in many more schools canceling Channel One’s contract.

Obligation has asked Mr. Ritts twice to remove this vulgar music artist from Channel One’s web site. He has refused. When it comes to money or kids, it’s a “no-brainer” for Channel One CEO Ritts.

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