Close Call For Ralph Reed And Channel One

March 27, 2006


Ralph Reed has been a paid consultant for Channel One since 1999.


Texas district attorney cites 2-year statute of limitations

No probe in Reed lobbying efforts

By Jim Galloway
Monday, March 27, 2006

A Texas prosecutor on Monday announced he would not pursue misdemeanor criminal charges against Ralph Reed, a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in Georgia, for violation of Texas lobbying laws.

Travis County District Attorney David Escamilla said Reed’s activities raised “legitimate” concerns, but a two-year statute of limitations prevented him engaging in a formal investigation. Travis County includes the state capital of Austin.

” There’s smoke,” said Escamilla. “But all of the smoke relates to a period I can’t do anything about.” Reed has denied any wrongdoing.

Texas has a strict lobbying law that requires registration of nearly anyone who, for compensation, contacts a state official or staff member. Reed was alleged to have lobbied state officials regarding the closing of an El Paso casino operated by an Indian tribe. Reed was paid for that effort by a competing tribe in Louisiana.

The preliminary investigation by Escamilla expanded to include allegations that Reed lobbied state school board members on behalf of Channel One, a company that broadcasts educational TV programs, with commercials, into public schools.


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