Documentation – 10 Reasons To Be Glad You Never Had Channel One News

March 29, 2008


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Supporting information for "10 Reasons to be glad you never had Channel One News"


1 Using sex to sell in the classroom

1 Welcome To The NEW Channel One News

Sex Up The Classroom! The Classroom Commercial (video)


How Scummy Can Channel One News Get? / (video)


Today’s Herbal Essence Ad Shocks Schools

Channel One News OKs New Sexy Ads For Students

More Sexy Images For Preteens

Turning Up The Sexual Tension In Class



2 Junk food ads

Eat More Twinkies, Kids / Twinkie commercial (video)


Commercial marketing in schools may discourage healthy nutrition environment

Come On, Judy. Stop It!

More Empty Calories

Judy Harris Approves New Junk Food Ad Campaign


Junk Food Ads Dominate 9/9/05 Show

Bubble Gum For The Mind

Promoting Soft Drinks To Kids Never Stops At Channel One

Chewing Gum Commercial

Hubba Bubba To The Max


Channel One Urged To End Gatorade Ads

Why Channel One News is Unhealthy for Students

Another Junk Food Pop Quiz

Another Junk Food On Channel One

Pop Quiz – What Candy Bar Was NOT Advertised On Channel One News?

Channel One Wants Kids To SUPER SIZE Those Fries

Another Junk Food From "Sugar Daddy"

Channel One Introduces New Junk Food Product

Jim Ritts: Master Junk Food Marketer To Kids

Fat Profits From Channel One’s Junk Food Advertising – 1 Out Of 4 Ads Is For Junk Food / Soft Drinks

Kraft Foods Says Goodbye to Channel One News

Channel One News Signs Up Hershey As Sponsor

World Health Organization Mentions Channel One’s Role In Obesity Crisis

Another Soft Drink Is Advertised On Channel One

Doritos’ Ad Gets Air Time on Channel One

Good Grief – Channel One Dumps More Junk Food Ads On Middle School Kids

27% of Channel One Commercials Are For Junk Food

The Worst Commercial Ever On Channel One?

Junk Food Ads Have Made Channel One Fat With Profits

Junk Food Assault Begins On Day One

New Advertiser On Channel One

Lay’s Stax Potato Chips

The Channel One Diet


Channel One Urged To Drop Soft Drink Commercials

Channel One Says Eat More Fries

Pepsi Marketing VP Talks Directly To Channel One Students

Mountain Dew commercial



3 Making children feel ugly

Hard Sell Gets OK From Channel One

A New Ugly Acuvue Commercial

Channel One News asks: Are you ugly?

If You Wear Glasses, You’re Ugly.

Oxy commercial – one bump is a crisis



4 Wasted time


Buy Teddy Geiger’s CD

More Time For Classes – Channel One Dropped

Vanessa Carlton "Plays" Red Mountain HS

Thieves of Time

Did This Man Steal Your Tax Money?

One Minute And Fourteen Seconds

How Many Seconds?

Utter Waste

Well, Hey, Man, It’s, Uh, Friday

61 School Years

Education Time Will Not Be Replaced With Advertising – Big Win For Students

Smell Tax Money Burning – One Way C1 Wastes School Time

15 Years of Learning Lost in 2 Minutes



5 Scary images


Why Show This?

If It Bleeds, It Leads

Jena 6

Judy, Why Show Preteens This?

Tick. / (video)

Death Call Played For Preteens

"They shot the boy in the head."

Pushing The Envelope With Preteens

"New" Channel One Piles On The Terror


First Day Is All Horror Day

More Channel One Violence

Nicholas Berg / (video)

Prison Stories For Kids

Channel One’s Columbine Joke

Child on bike hit by car (video)

Teen shoots another teen in the head (video)

Channel One’s Latest Horror PSA Brings Gun Violence Into Classrooms

Channel One Saturates Children With Violent Stories and Images

Horror PSAs Continue On Channel One

Horrific Bat Mitzvah Shooting Shown On Channel One – "Repugant Decision Making At Channel One News"

Controversial Winter X Games Ad Chosen For Channel One

Channel One’s Recap Of Terror Put To Music

Channel One Gets Brutal

The Shining

Bat Mitzvah Shooting (video)



6 Utter Nonsense


Welcome To Kumariland

Another Gatorade "News Story"

Gatorade Faux News Story

Super Filler

Chris Brown

The Gatorade Channel (formerly Channel One News)

Taking Back Sunday

Enough Already

Top Story: Super Bowl

Our Class Stopped What We Were Doing For This?

Rock Band Buys Entire Channel One Show In April

Why Is Tony Hawk Allowed To Waste Your Child’s School Time?

It’s NASCAR Time For Kids

Primedia Uses Channel One To Promote Sister Company

Channel One News: All-American Rejects

Gatorade Play of the Week



7 Abortion, gay marriage come to the classroom


An Abortion Quiz For 11-Year-Olds


GayMarriage Story for Preteens (video)


Another Gay Marriage Story for Preteens (video)

Channel One News: Your Gay Marriage Channel For Children

More Gay and Lesbian Discussions at

If You Believe Channel One News…

Channel One’s Gay Agenda



8 Movie ads

Drillbit Taylor

Paramount Wants Your Child’s Attention

Selling A Movie To Kids

Unaccompanied Minors

Corpse Bride


Friday, Oct. 7 – Dreamworks Day on C1N




This Is Why You Don’t Advertise Movies In Schools

ANOTHER Movie Promotion On Channel One News

Adult Sex Comedy Advertised On Channel One News

Did Channel One Advertise An "R"-Rated Movie?

Channel One Shows Promotional Clips Of Violent PG13 Movie To Middle School Students

When Is The Sleaze Going To End?

PG-13 Ads Back In Middle Schools

Another Violent Movie Gets Promoted In America’s Classrooms

Channel One Fat Cats Make Big Money Pushing Sleaze On Kids

Channel One Brings Back Marketing PG13 Movies To Middle Schools

Channel One Flirts With R-Rating – "Just This Side Of An R-Rating"

Channel One Rains Down More Violent Entertainment On Children

Middle School Students Told To See New Warner Brothers Movie

Channel One Advertises Unrated, Violent "Ape" Movie

Raunchy PG13 Movies Continue To Be Advertised


Sleazy Movies Are A Channel One Tradition – Head Over Heels




9 Wrong messages about drugs

Drug Story Shocks Classrooms


The Thugs Strike Again

Scene from a Channel One advertised movie "Stealing Harvard" (video)

Channel One Tells Kids Half Of Parents Smoked Pot

Dude, Where’s My Car?


Channel One Plays Both Sides Of Teen Drinking

Kids, Channel One will help you determine if you have a drinking problem.

Guest Host Plugs Questionable Show

Channel One Advertises Movie That Normalizes Huffing

Drug Users Unite On

The Thugs Strike Again


Channel One Pushing The Envelope

Channel One Advertises Another "Heavy Alcohol" Movie

Stealing Harvard – Where is MADD?

Channel One Sends Wrong Message About Ecstasy

Channel One Promotes Another Drug Movie

Drinking And Drug Advice Is Outrageous

Channel One Pushes Drug Movie On Children

Channel One’s Awful Christmas Present For Children

Drinking By Teens, OK? (video)

Do You Have A Drinking Problem? (video)


10 Mixing ads with news

What In The World Is Channel One Doing?!

This Just In. Much Hoopla Over Brand Spanking New Website

Marine School

This Is The Big Story Of The Day?

Fake Reporters Return to C1N

Deconstructing Judy

A Story Influenced By An Advertiser

Why All The Olympic Stories? Channel One Has A Partner.

What’s Wrong With This?

And They Wonder Why Schools Are Turning Their TV Show Off


Anne Hathaway’s Special Time With Your Child

Five Examples of How Channel One News Cheats

Gatorade Play Of The Week

Gravity Games

High School Student Documents Channel One "Guest Host" Scam

NASCAR Gets Anchor Spot For Jeff Gordon

Cody Banks Movie Plugged During The News

Alanis Morisette Becomes News Anchor To Push Latest CD

More "Ads In The News" For New School Year

Apologize – Email To Jim Morris


Ads Go Overboard

Rock The (School) House

School Time For Olympics?

Check Me Out!!

Channel One Violates News Standards