NSBA Convention Big Success For Obligation

March 30, 2008

Obligation’s Pat Ellis hands out commercial-free classroom materials to appreciative school board members.

From Jim Metrock:

Our booth at the 2008 National School Board Association convention has been an outstanding success. The number of visitors to our booth has exceeded any other year we have been at the NSBA and the feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive of commercial-free classrooms and school buses.

Obligation handed out brochures on Channel One’s past content and on Bus Radio.

Channel One had a booth at the convention, but Bus Radio wasn’t there.

I was surprised that Channel One’s Senior VP of Education Dr. Paul Folkemer was not at the Channel One booth for the first two days of the convention. There is one more day to go (Monday). Maybe he will show up.

It has been thrilling to meet so many selfless school board members and superintendents. Pat and I received a lot of encouragement in our efforts to raise awareness of Channel One’s and Bus Radio’s efforts to commercially exploit schoolchildren.

I’ll post more soon about the convention.