Dustin Fitzharris

March 29, 2009


Dustin Fitzharris – “highest level person at Channel One”

From Jim Metrock:

So I’m standing in front of the Channel One receptionist last week and I’m not getting anywhere.

NO, I can’t see CEO Kent Haehl because “he is no longer with the company.”

NO, I can’t see VP of Education Paul Folkemer because he “rarely comes in.”

I’m told NO I can’t ask to see anyone at Channel One without an appointment.

I’m about to leave, but I turn around and ask for the name and phone number of the “highest level person at Channel One News.” My exact words.

The receptionist quickly writes out the information on a yellow Post-It note.

The note reads: “Dustin Fitzharris ext. 8315 #212=###-#### Admin. Client Srv. Coordinator for Ch1.”

I look at the name. Who is this guy? I never heard of him.

I smile because this is another indicator of Channel One’s sorry condition.

I assume Fitzharris is an Alloy manager assigned to oversee Channel One. “Administrative Client Service Coordinator” says absolute nothing about this man’s job. That is probably done on purpose.

I don’t think much more about Dustin Fitzharris until I got back to Birmingham and type his name into Google. Holy smokes!

I learn very quickly that Dustin Fitzharris is primarily known as a writer for various LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) publications and web sites. I try to find an article that he has written that deals with anything other than LGBT issues and I find none. He is solely writing for magazines and web sites that are based on sexuality. He is an advocate writing for advocacy publications.

There has to be another Dustin Fitzharris I thought. This guy couldn’t be overseeing Channel One News.

But he is the same guy.


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