Haehl and Folkemer To Kids: In Your Face!!

November 18, 2009

This is a frame grab from the actual video replay of Alloy/Channel One News’ TV show for November 18. This was seen in middle schools and some elementary schools.


The arrogance of Alloy/Channel One News is amazing. Obligation has written Alloy/Channel One News’ CEO Kent Haehl and his marketing toady Dr. Paul D. Folkemer and asked them to stop advertising this horrific-covered, explicit content CD to middle school students.

Their response was quick. They didn’t write back. They never do. What they did do was play Cassie "Hot as f***!" Steele’s music all through today’s Channel One News show. Their response to Obligation and to the kids forced to watch their program was: In you face!

Obligation’s Jim Metrock said, "I look at this CD cover which is shown repeatedly to children in their classroom and I get sick. The woman with the scissors is Cassie Steele and she has a robotic look to her face. Her eyes are fixed and she appears to be mindlessly mutilating the doll she has in her right hand. She has severed most of the head and that combined with her blank expression is chilling. Dr. Folkemer and Mr. Haehl are marketing people so they look at this differently. They know violence and sex get the attention of all people, even children. Folkemer and Haehl have to get the attention of children or there will be no products sold and no future advertising revenue."