Looking back: A Channel One commercial for Twinkies.

April 4, 2010

This commercial is from a January 2001 Channel One News program.  Although currently Channel One does not air junk food commercials, there is always the fear that these kiddie marketers may bring them back to American classrooms.  That would seem to be impossible with the present concern about youth obesity, but Channel One executives knew about this health crisis and they continued to air commercials like this one for YEARS.  Along with Twinkies, Channel One ran hundreds of commercials for Snickers, M&Ms, Mountain Dew, Skittles, Pepsi, McDonalds, and Hostess cupcakes.

The way these junk food/drink companies could come back was hinted at by a former Channel One president several years ago.  These companies, he said, could sponsor a health message with significant promotion of their own products.  Think: “Today’s ‘Let’s Get Fit’ segment is sponsored by Hostess Twinkies.”

Still don’t think that is possible?  Consider this: The man who brought the junk food companies to Channel One back in its junk food heyday was its VP of Sales Kent Haehl.  Mr. Haehl is now the CEO.  During that same time there was a man who approved all the ads that Haehl said he wanted on the show.  This man called himself Channel One’s in-house “child advocate.”  He was a former middle school principal so he had the best interest of school kids at heart, right?   Dr. Paul Folkemer sat on his hands as he allowed junk food commercial after junk food commercial to be forced on Channel One’s captive audience.  This man is now back at Channel One as their VP of Education.

Channel One News is a youth marketing company.  This company will do whatever they can to make money off of kids.

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